Padma Shri Awarded to Shri S.R. Janakiraman
Ashwin and Rohin  |  2011-01-25 13:43:43  |  Permalink

We are immensely honoured to announce that our guru, Shri S. R. Janakiraman, will be conferred the prestigious "Padma Shri" Award from the Government of India for his exceptional contribution to music and musicology!

The Padma Shri Award is the fourth highest civilian honour presented by the Government of India after the Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan.

It will be conferred upon Shri SRJ at the Presidential Palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi in March/April 2011 by the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

Read more about the Padma Shri Awardees in The Hindu, Times of India, India Today, and on Wikipedia.

Please join us in sending your best wishes and congrats to Padma Shri S. R. Janakiraman on this monumental achievement!

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Kapila Malhotra  |  2011-01-26 12:37:50
Congratulations Sir. We are really happy for you and your family. ( I work with your son Viswaram Ji)

T. P. Subbu  |  2011-01-26 17:38:08
Congratulations to Shri SRJ, and well-deserved in light of his yeoman's service to the art.

V.S. Ananthanarayanan  |  2011-01-28 17:22:18
A musician and musicologist par excellence, Shri Janakiraman had deserved such an honour like this a long time ago. My respects and congratulations to the maestro and best wishes to his young ‘shishyas’

Deepika R  |  2011-02-17 11:34:06
Million Cheers and Greetings... SRJ is one person who'd make his audience think and feel intelligent. A truly deserving PadmaShri... Toronto brothers' surAtI varnam is simply outa the world!

J.Natarajan  |  2011-03-12 20:46:13
SRJ as known to his fans in music circles honestly is above these honours and titles(.)when BRajamiyer & bombay sisters could get sangeetha kalanidhi,how could this giant of a muscian be ignored by institutions like 'The Music Academy'? It is not too late .If all his admireres could jointly send a signature campaign,MA will realise their fault.Similarly GOI could have given him 'PadmaBhushan' straight away as he has spent his entire life 0n musicology & south Indian classical music.That is why he is an ocean of knowledge and respected by even doyens of Semmangudi srinivasaiyer.Here again the senior muscians together must recommend SRJ for padmabhushan in the year 2012.If the recommendations come from rasikas from various countries to GOI they would become sensitive.Let us not repeat what injustice we had done to doyens like TNR,MALI,RAMNAD KRISHNAN,MDR LALGUDY and others .This adharma.

Venkat  |  2012-05-30 02:36:23
Mr.J.Nagarajan, i accept ur worry that janakiraman sir has not got sangeetha kalanidhi. But in No way Bombay sisters have gone down. Do not comment such tone. It is strongly objectionable. Getting awards and not getting awards are not a matter at all. In that way we can list many persons like MSV who is a maestro who did not get any padma awards at all. Bombay sisters are not a B or C grade singer. They are the next generation of female triinities. They are in no way lesser to any one. They are given the right award at the right time. It is a myth that SRJ din get that award. Say that and leave it. Do not hurt or defame any one please...

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