Book Release by Shri S. R. Janakiraman
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Sangita Kala Acharya Professor Shri S. R. Janakiraman will be releasing a new book titled Essentials of Musicology in South Indian Music. This is a ten-chaptered comprehensive volume in English covering a very wide gamut of musicology dealing with the fundamentals of South Indian music, Raga systems, evolution of the Sruti and tonal systems, Gamakas, musical compositions, Talas, and the aspects of Manodharma and Kalpita Sangita. The topics are dealt with in a manner so as to emphasize their practical aspects and address some of the inconsistencies and misunderstandings of certain musical concepts.

A 78-minute audio CD giving a practical introduction to each chapter accompanies the text. This book is bound to be very useful, not only to students at the graduate and post-graduate levels, but also to general readers and connoisseurs of music alike.

The book will be officially released on Friday, May 9, 2008 at the Music Academy Mini Hall, Music Academy, Chennai. The function will begin at 6pm. Several vidwans and scholars will be present and will receive copies of the book and offer their felicitations to Shri SRJ. This will be followed by a concert by disciples of Shri SRJ. All are welcome to attend (see invitation below). Note: Copies will be available for sale at 10% discount at the release function!


Download a PDF of the invitation.

Prof S. R. Janakiraman is a leading authority in South Indian music and musicology. A performing musician with a strong academic background, Shri Janakiraman has been recognized as a top-ranking artiste by the All-India Radio and Doordarshan. He is the author of many popular texts and his lecture-demonstrations have drawn august audiences from all over the world. Shri Janakiramanís contributions to Carnatic music and musicology over the last nearly sixty years have left a lasting impression.

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Naga  |  2008-05-05 21:40:43
I am interested in copy of book by Prof SRJ. I am in Fermont California. Please let me know how I can get it  |  2008-05-12 12:16:54
I would love to be able to purchase a copy of Professor S R J's new book. I have listened and relistened to his lecture demonstrations on Gamakam and Sri Muttaswamy Deekshitar and it has been a wonderful learning experience

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